Decorate The Potholes

“When they don’t do it, we must do it.” That is what Juliana Santacruz Herrera must have thought when she started repairing the potholes in the streets of Paris with colorful strips of yarn.

Randomly placed in cracks and breaks, her designs result in a colorful addition to the urban lay-out. It’s always good to see people being so heavily involved with the urban space that they want to change it so hard that they spend weeks or even months on this kind of brilliant nonsense. Preparing all this must have been a hell of a job. But it must be said that the result looks great.

The project slightly reminds of the Lego Dispatchwork by Jan Vormann. In addition, it is comparable to other ‘add some color to the road’ projects. Like Contrial by Studio Gelardi, the chewing gum painter in the streets of London and Iepe Rubingh’s Painting Reality Project.