Cycle Inflator/Bike Stand

Cycle Inflator

We often report about fixed city elements that get flexible through new ideas. You could say we support that on this blog. Sometimes though, things are interesting the other way around. Making stuff more solid can provide us with interesting new concepts. In the Dutch city of Delft I came across this clever piece of industrial design. For our readers in not biking pieces of the world, it’s a combined bicycle stand and inflator. The availability of a public cycle pump is one of those services that I need to use myself a lot. I wish there were more of them in Amsterdam. This is one of those ideas that make you feel good about a city, specifically when you’ve got a flat tire. For the record, cycle pumps are mostly available in bicycle shops or stores, but during the night they have to be kept inside as a consequence of frequent vandalism. This one is quite massive, stuck to the ground and strong. It hasn’t been broken since it was installed a year ago.