Converting 8m2 Into A Home

8m2 is a pretty unliveable amount of space. What if we told you that the masterminds at Kitoko Studio decided to make it into a livable 8m2.

The shortage of livable space in most major European cities is a big problem. Paris is no different. This results in smaller and smaller rooms being converted into places where people are supposed to live. Kitoko were tasked with the challenge of transforming a small “maid room,” found at the top floor of large Parisian houses, into a livable space for the owner’s future au pairs.


“Maid rooms” are typically (and no wonder) considered small and unattractive areas and Kitoko have managed to turn the room into a multifunctional, relatively habitable space. Referring to what they call the “Swiss-army knife concept,” the room has many pull-out modules that can be arranged to meet a host of requirements such as storage, sleeping quarters, kitchenette and a bathroom.

8m2 8m2

Multifunctional spaces are a trending design approach right now and the guys at Kitoko have made a good stab at it. Most of the time such spaces appear impractical, ugly or never surpassing their prototype concept. They have no doubt maximised a measly amount of space, but there is an unquestionable mark of austerity in the room.


Having been an au pair myself, I can vouch that the one given this room will definitely not be complaining.