Computer Alerts Meet Street Art In New York

Urban hacktivism is something that we love here at the Pop-Up City. Florian Rivière’s street library and guerilla crosswalk are fabulously playful interpretations of public spaces. But it turns out that there’s a New York-based hacktivist being equally playful with advertising and graffiti in public spaces.

Jilly Ballistic is currently running around New York placing computer alert-type messages over top of a selection of advertisements and signage. Most of them look extremely similar to a certain operating system made by a company you may have heard of from Cupertino.

They’re hilarious, apt, and thinly-veiled critiques of the items advertised. Keep it up, Jilly! Be sure to check out our 2011 trend ‘From Digital To Real’ if you’re interested in reading more about computer phenomena translated to the real world.