Colors Against Cuts

Under the financial crisis, the ones who pay for the problems of governments and markets are usually the same as the ones responsible for making possible the development of a country, and not only under an economic point of view. I’m talking about health, education and culture.

We are sadly used to see politicians trample on what represents the strength and pride of their countries, but when it happens in a place like the Netherlands, we are overwhelmed by a deep feeling of discouragement. Some weeks ago, the Dutch government announced a 40% cut to all cultural fundings (a measure approved on the 30th of June). This decision will fall not only on the heads of dutch citizens, but on every of us who has always looked at the Netherlands as a cultural headlight.

For this reason, a group of people decided to react and express their dissent in a peaceful way. They invited citizens of every Dutch city and all around the world to join their protest and to show their indignation with colored smoke as a sign of resistance: ‘art bombs’ to drop in front of those who don’t want to listen to citizens’ opinion and needs. That is why the towns of The Netherlands faced the Art Bomb global performance on June 24th, showing their “visual ammunition against the disproportionate cuts to the arts budget” with colorful smoke, and their complete support for art and cultural programs.