Colorful Playground Doubles As Festival Poster

Last summer the 30th edition of the Malmö Festival took place. In honor of this birthday, design agency Snask was asked to make an over-the-top installation that depicts the festival’s colorful poster as a huge playground.

Every year since 1985 there has been a free city-wide festival in the Swedish city Malmö. The Malmö Festival is the biggest in Scandinavia and brings you art, music and culture in all varieties. The event aims to reflect Malmö’s intercultural vibes and its people.

Malmö Festival

With a size of 13×8 meters you wouldn’t be able to miss this announcement in the middle of the festival. Just like the festival itself, the poster should embody Malmö’s spirit — a friendly and welcoming place for all. The graphic structure is built as a playground, but challenges users to interact with it. Unlike real playgrounds you are able to move pieces around and climb on them.

Malmö Festival

Using colorful design and interaction on the festival site, visitors are able to end up in new surprising encounters, relax or enjoy themselves however they want. This allows for a unique experience of both the poster and the people passing by.