Cocooning Made Easy With Bubble Furniture

Ain’t this a great piece of furniture? Designed by Zürich-based Micasa Lab, the ‘Cocoon 1’ aims to meet the human need for shelter, for survival against nature, for solitude among people or against people or for defining the different functions in our lives. It’s not an ordinary furniture piece — the interesting thing is that the transparent bubble creates a new, cosy space.

“Cocoon 1 is a very special place of retreat. The innovative product magically connects aesthetics and function. Its insularity provides protection and seclusion. At the same time, its translucency enables us to let our thoughts wander whilst simultaneously allowing us to join in with life ‘outside’.”

With a diameter of 180 cm, the Cocoon 1 is designed in a way that it can accommodate different functions. The creators have built several ‘plug-in’ modules that are able to transform the bubble into a tiny sleeping room, a storage space, a workspace, or even a little kitchen. Furthermore, the Cocoon 1 comes with a set of attachments offering a variety of placing — be it on the floor, elevated or attached to the ceiling.

The Cocoon is built for both indoor and outdoor use. Some of the modules come with a power pack which has enough power for 40 hours of light or 20 hours of light and 30 minutes of cooking. A special net enables the bubble to be hung in trees, on buildings, or even as a cluster of other Cocoons.

In my opinion, the greatest thing about the Cocoon 1 is that it’s not yet another drawing table idea. Within the year you can actually buy one. The Cocoons will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2013 with a retail price of $2990. Click here for more photos.