24/7 Co-Working For €1/Hour In Paris

A startup from Paris is offering co-working spaces for no more than €1 per hour. It won’t get any cheaper than that.

A large part of the co-working target group is not rich (students, creatives) or need to invest their capital into something other than expensive work spaces (freelancers, entrepreneurs). Nevertheless, many of the co-working spaces popping up tend to be quite fancy and expensive. Interesting to see as well though, is a new wave of startups that provide more affordable co-working solutions. We previously reported on the Berlin-based startup Blogfabrik, that expects users to deliver at least two publications for their online magazine in exchange for a desk space. Now at a central Paris location, French startup La Permanence is offering basic co-working space for just €1 an hour, and it’s open 24/7.

The venue is divided into three spaces — two spaces with chairs and large tables, and one which is more cozy and comfortable with sofas and chairs. The fee increases to €1.50 during peak hours (2PM to 6PM), and also offers a flat rate of €80 a month for unlimited access. Moreover, La Permanence offers printing facilities, conference rooms, coffee machines and — of course — high speed Wi-Fi. You can check the website to see if there are any free spots available. Truly flexible work spaces, accessible to everyone.