Claim Your Spot In The City With OWNR

OWNR is a new (mobile) website and soon-to-be-launched app that adds a new dimension to urban sports. It helps you to discover, share and own your favorite urban hotspots. Find spots, see tricks others already did and battle for the best trick. That’s what OWNR is all about.

Where the city was already a playground for skateboarders 1, BMX-ers and even snowboarders, OWNR turns spots into virtual battlefields where the one with the best trick will own the spot. OWNR works via GPS locations that are added to uploaded tricks. Now everyone can see that trick, and as soon as another trick appears, the battle begins. Earn the most votes and climb the local ranks! Who owns the most spots in town? Which spots are still unclaimed? OWNR tells you.

Video games no longer have to be played from behind the screen. OWNR puts you in the spotlight instead of your virtual action figure. It really makes you move instead of the silly swing with Wii remotes. “From a local spot battle to an inner-city territory claim, anything is possible! Your life in action sports will truly be like a video game.”

“First I traveled the country to skate, then I travelled the world to snowboard. The idea of OWNR formed at my art school, during a presentation about Augmented Reality”, explains founder Michiel Roukens. I realized OWNR is the tool that was always missing, and a hell of fun thing to have! Since then, my life has been about creating this amazing tool for the new generation of riders to come.” The first version is of OWNR is now online. Apps for smartphones and tablets will follow very soon, so stay tuned…