CityCAD Version 2.0 Released

Master plans, urban plans, and regional plans are most of the times extremely complex. Not only because a huge amount of actors is involved, but also because of a load of information which is usually not very well organized. CityCAD might be a solution here. CityCAD is a leading parametric modeling tool for conceptual city design. It enables planners and urbanists to design cities on all sorts of different scales. It combines designing tools and calculation tools which makes the software perfect for complicated urban planning issues. What AutoCAD is for Architects, is CityCAD for urbanists.

Interesting about CityCAD is that it enables us to restructure complicated information. Each newly planned road has its effects. Not only the costs of a project count, but also the number of cars passing by, which has an effect on, for instance, the parking space needed, local pollution and noise problems. CityCAD analyzes all effects of different interventions, which makes decision making more effective and transparent. A second huge advantage of CityCAD is that it makes it relatively easy, quick and cheap to revise plans during the design process.

“Master plans are large, they take a long time to develop, they cost a lot, they require a wide consensus and, importantly, the design process needs to keep track of a huge quantity of complex information. For this reason, a more systematic and less intuïtive design approach is needed, compared with many other forms of design. The computer is in an ideal position to help.”

Today version 2.0 of CityCAD has been launched. To introduce the new version, Holistic City offers a thirty day trial version, which is available here.