Chicago’s Streets Become A Life-Size Monopoly Board

Millions of children grew up playing Monopoly: I know I always looked forward to Grand Opera night where I could collect $50 from each of my opponents, and dreaded the feared Poor Tax Chance Card (fifteen whole dollars!). It embedded the names of the Boardwalk and Park Place for everyone as the best place in the city, especially if you could afford a fancy red hotel.

Apparently, someone has tried to turn the streets of Chicago into a city-sized game of Monopoly. Nate Berg at The Atlantic Cities tipped us off about the new street art installations, and they’re all sorts of fabulous.

One of the implicit themes at the recent What Design Can Do! Conference in Amsterdam was injecting play into our urban spaces. This is a heart-warming intervention that reminds us of our childhoods and adds some much-needed fun and humour to our sidewalks.