Cell Phone Storage Van For Brooklyn High Schoolers

Safe ‘n’ Secure Cellutions LLC sounds like a name of a high-end corporation but, is in fact far from it. It’s a small business run by Jhonn de La Puente, through a custom made whole on the side of his van. What does he do? He stores cell phones.

That might seem like a crazy idea for a business, but when you choose to locate it around one of the Brooklyn High School Areas, the idea gets a whole new perspective.


Nowdays it’s almost impossible to spot a kid without a phone, they have become a substitue for phones, game boys, computers and many other things. But “unfortunately” kids are not allowed to use them in a classroom or on a school campus. How to make sure they can keep it up to the last minute before they cross over to a no-phone-land? Safe ‘n’ Secure Cellutions LLC.

“A modified Ford E250 is equipped with security cameras, storage racks and a cash lock box,” reports Aaron Reiss at CityLab. Before entering the school students give away their phones and right when they finish, they get them back. De La Puente charges them 1 $ per device and holds onto around 100 phones per day.


The Phone Storage van is most certainly an innovative take on the modern society needs, but is this something we’ll see more regularly in the future, or something that will disappear as phones become integral part of our children’s lives and therefore permitted in schools?