Candy Pavilions For A Better City (Life)

In Western cities, few people would wake up at 5 am to take a morning stroll in the neighborhood park. Usually they rather stay in their warm beds until the alarm rings after which they rush to work. But the Chinese would wake up that early for a walk or to do some Tai Chi in one of the many parks of the city, mainly because they consider public parks as their gardens. This is mainly due to high-rise apartments they inhabit, which often lack private gardens or even a balcony. Although Taranta Creations, the designers of these colorful pavilions in Bailianjing Park, created something contrary to the Chinese architectural tradition, they respected the traditional activities that take place, such as practicing Tai Chi, drinking tea, dancing, playing Mahjong.

Each pavilion is self-sufficient in energy and has another purpose. These little buildings are the remains of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and still represent an attractor of high quality urban developments. Click here for a photo slideshow of the project.

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