Bring An App Into The Streets

The world-known smartphone game Angry Birds, ranked #1 in Apple App Store for a bunch of months, has decided to celebrate its birthday moving its characters into the streets. Saturday December 11th was the chosen day to celebrate, with flash-mobs, meet-ups and public performances, the universal success of what appears to be a must have app. 

787 meet-ups in 86 different countries have been organized so far and more are on the calendar. That was almost due, as the blog of the developer states:

“In one year, Angry Birds has become a global phenomenon. Different versions of the game have been downloaded to smartphones and tablets over 36 million times. People everywhere spend their bus trips, train rides, rainy days or other idle time playing Angry Birds, talking about Angry Birds, or creating fun stuff around Angry Birds.”

Photo: RachelC (Flickr)

#LeStudio52 has been organizing the happening in London, getting more than 100 subscriptions just in the first 5 days. Themed gadgets were distributed and the whole event has been sponsored, getting also a bit of media coverage. Now, besides considerations over the quality of the game, it is interesting to see how a virtual application can have the quality of gathering real people on the streets without any idealistic purpose, sponsored by the developer and other close realities; a real marketing operation entirely self-organized by the users.

Photo: Caniba (Flickr)

You can find more photos of the London event over here.