Bird City: Collective Housing For Birds

Dutch designer Eveline Visser has created a beautiful collective bird house called Bird City. The installation gives a potential home to an entire population of up to 33 unique species. Inspired by the huge community of different birds that live in the city, Visser has designed this neighborhood for birds. Like with people, every different type of bird has its own demands when it comes to housing and finding a good place to breed. The design of each bird house is specific to the needs of a particular species of birds, with the right size opening, and with groupings of the same size boxes for bird species that live in flocks, and single houses for those that are solitary. Depending on its place, Bird City will attract more tomtits, homesters, or pigeons, or combinations of different of these and other species. The installation could be perfectly attached to buildings or unused walls.

The idea of Visser’s bird city focuses on the same concept as the more rural bird village that we presented some weeks ago on this blog. The so-called Tree of Heaven project also focuses on collective housing for birds, but doesn’t take in mind the integration of different species that much. Needless to say, both projects are very different but beautifully designed.