Billboard House

A short while ago, this blog reported about Seung-Yong Song who transformed common furniture into multifunctional furniture. Now, the Bangkok-based Baan Lae Suan Fair collaborated with Apostrophy’s and took multifunctional to a new level — the house itself.

The project combines a huge billboard frame with a beautiful house that includes a living and working space as well as a movable garden. The form and esthetics of the house are largely inspired by the shape and the material of the billboard. The best aspect of the multifunctional house is that the billboard pays the bills! Because the billboard space gets rented out, the house can be paid off in about two years!

The progressive residential project was inspired by the grotesque site of billboards that have been around in Bangkok for as long as one can remember. The house is called OdMex, based on O.D.M. which stands for outdoor media. According to Apostrophiy’s, it represents the basic needs of human beings, a house and capitalism.

I don’t know if adding huge billboard houses to cityscapes around the world is a change for the better, but transforming those that are already there seems very interesting. The idea that living in a house can make money is intriguing and provokes thinking about other ways to turn your shelter into a profit making collection of bricks.