Augmented Reality Gaming On Urban Façades

Woonbedrijf, an Eindhoven-based housing corporation, wanted to spice up the façade of one of its apartment blocks in the city. Design agencies Studio Maatwerk and Studio 1:1 came up with a new take on the paint job: do it in Augmented Reality. Using the façade as a trigger for an interactive AR artwork on your smartphone, the designers left the building an extension in the digital world. Interesting idea. The artwork, which appears when you point a special app to the marker on the building, consists of a game and an animation developed by students at the Eindhovense School, an academy located next to the building.

“An (…) important part in this project is to give people in public space with a new experience, and to bind people more with their own surroundings. Ideally the students from the Eindhovense School will show the residents living in the apartment buildings how they can play the application on their own façades. And because the students were involved in creating the application, they have something they can be proud of, and care more for their own surroundings.”

Unfortunately the OpenHuisAR (OpenHuisAR) application is only available for Android smartphones, so the game is currently restricted to a happy few. But hey, the idea is nice! Check out the video above to learn more, and click here for more photos of the project.

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