Audi Spectacle

In our Top 10 Trends for 2011 we marked ‘Marketing is Urbanism’ number 1. Advertising on huge billboards along the ringroad is not enough any more, which pulled urban marketing to a new level.

World-famous brands do not hesitate to good money for the opportunity to show their message in public space on a rather sympathetic level. At some occassions they even become part of the urban planning process itself. Recently creative agency ACCESS came up with an idea for a spectacular marketing campaign for car brand Audi, which is considered a new concept in billboards.

As a part of the Audi Spectacle campaign, some of the world’s greatest architectural icons were taken over to sell upscale bruiser cars. Four enormous rings that make up the Audi logo were hung under iconic bridges such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In each ring a different Audi is displayed to the audience. The plan is to not only do this in Sydney, but also at New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, the Rialto Bridge in Venice and London’s famous Tower Bridge. Although it already causes quite a stir in the media, this megalomanic idea is unlikely to be built, according to Been-Seen. “Audi and has no plans to jump through the hoops required to get planning permission for such an audacious plan.” A disappointment to some and a relief to others. What do we think?