Aston Martin Opens Design Studio in Working Class Community

Car manufacturer Aston Martin has opened its first Design Studio outside of Britain in Shanghai. The lab, where Aston Martin focuses on design and innovation of their hand-crafted sports cars, is not where you would expect to find it. Instead of a luxury shopping mall or central business district, it's located right in the middle of a low-income working class community.

With the brand new design studio, Aston Martin wants bring in Chinese design ideas, collaborate with ‘real people’, and contribute to the livability within the community. As many renowned global luxury brands are starting to engage with local communities, striking contrast on street level occur. From just outside their trusty old houses, locals can now follow the design proces of iconic sports cars that are globally known. The design studio was set up in collaboration with Tongji University and is an open invitation towards the neighborhood to collaborate in thinking about the future of mobility in Chinese cities. At the same time, Aston Martin’s aim is to assure that they improve their cars to Chinese needs and standards.

Aston Martin
The design lab is turning heads of locals that are passing by

“The Chinese market is incredibly important to the future success of Aston Martin. Collaborating with industry leaders and talented students at Tongji University will allow us to have a deeper understanding of the trends in China, ensuring we are focused on the needs of our Chinese customers” says Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer. The first project in this lab will be the design of the interior of a new Aston Martin sports car as well as the release of their first SUV.