Artful Tanks: New York’s Water Tank Project

We’ve covered a lot of neat artistic projects in New York City. It’s a global hub for the creative world: from hearts in Times Square, dangling trains at the High Line, and, of course, urban farming concepts that add more aesthetic value to the city’s public space.

The next in this line of great public art initiatives is the Water Tank Project. Commencing in spring 2013, the project will transform the city’s rooftop water tanks into canvases for a huge array of artists, including some people you might know like Jeff Koons (see: dangling trains), Devendra Banhart (see: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon), and some guy named Jay-Z (who’s having a pretty sweet year design-wise).

The project, which seeks to raise awareness of water-based issues while completely reforming how we perceive urban rooftops, needs funding, though. You can help crowd-fund the project on their Kickstarter page.

In other water-logged artwork in New York, artist Tom Fruin has turned a water tower (not a tank!) into a kaleidoscopic piece of art. The piece is aptly called ‘Watertower‘ and utilises reclaimed pieces of plexiglass, putting on a nightly light show that runs from dusk ’till dawn. Watertower is perched on top of 2o Jay Street in Brooklyn and will be in place until June 2013.