Anger Release Machine

As an ultimate expression of consumerism, the Swiss and Danish artist duo Katja Kublitz and Ronnie Yarisal came up with their so-called Anger Release Machine. It’s a vending machine providing all sorts of ceramics for only a couple of coins each. During days and nights, consumers can buy themselves the joy of crashing a Chinese vase or cat whenever they need mental support. Great for those moments when a sudden flood of negative emotions is about to reach your brain, and when only a short act of unreasonable aggression can help preventing you from having a spoiled day. In fact it’s a civilized form of well-educated hooliganism for the hasty and ever-polite city people, and particularly useful when frustrated about a traffic jam, missed bus or pair of beautiful shoes that or not available in your size any more.

Kublitz and Yarisal converted a snack machine into this experience machine, serving us a moment of ultimate and above all senseless satisfaction. But we’re the last ones to claim that senseless experiences are worthless. On the contrary, I believe this project could be a big relief for a lot of us. They would perform great at gas stations, football stadiums and train stations. And, above all, they should be instantly delivered with cabs in Amsterdam.