An Inflatable Cathedral

Earlier this year, the British designer with Indian roots Anish Kapoor launched his Leviathan, which is without any doubt his largest ever artwork.

Leviathan is a truly enormous cathedral-like space made from inflated PVC. The black inflatable construction with the dimensions of 33 × 99 × 72 meters, temporarily filled the Grand Palais in Paris in May and June. These images by photographer Cyril Sancereau show the immense impact that the giant installation has on the space inside the palace.

According to Kapoor, this work is like an enormous monster locked in a space that’s too small, with no possibility to move. Visitors can enter the royal balloon, where a warm red color creates the experience of being inside the ‘belly of the beast’. This art work can be of hugh inspiration to architects as it defines space in two ways. Not only inside the cathedral people are amazed by the four hugh rooms, but also the environment outside the inflatable make people wander and move around differently.

Photos: Cyril Sancereau

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