An Apartment Under The Bridge

Berlin-based urban intervention collective Stiftung Freizeit has designed an illusionary ‘Wohnzimmer’ under a bridge in Berlin.

Made with tape, this minimal but cosy ‘apartment’ combines the raw esthetics of grey concrete with the warm and intimate feeling of the typical German Wohnzimmer interior. Combining these two ingredients of what could be called Berlin style, the artists Inés Aubert and Rubén Jódar aim to make life a little more comfortable for those who spend their time on the streets.

Their newly constructed space under the Warschauer Brücke has a very cheerless look and feel. It’s unclear whether the work is meant to include an argument about confort and domesticity of current public space. Anyway, the suggestion of the deer antler and the old-school lamp on the wall do improve some things here.