Amphibious Caravan

If you can’t choose between the caravan or boat to bring along with your car on the next holiday it’s not really a big deal with the Sealander, presented at the Caravan Salon 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. With this miracle, the camping trip doesn’t end at the shore anymore, it continues on the water. You can sleep in it, eat in it, fish in it, steer in it, basically anything you want, whenever you want. Amphibious vehicles are already very convenient, but the Sealander is specially convenient with all the benefits of a caravan as well as those of a boat.

The vehicle looks small, but it fits a bed and a table, or two benched and when the sun is shining, the roof can be opened, which turns the vehicle into a cabriolet. The best feature is: while driving, the accumulator will be charged for the outboard motor for boating.

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