Akoha: The World’s First Social Reality Game

I came across something very cute called Akoha, which is described as the ‘world’s first social reality game’. Akoha (launched into public beta in December) lets you earn points by carrying out missions that involve performing small acts of kindness for others. Missions might include giving someone your favorite book, inviting a friend for drinks, or buying a friend some chocolate. Many more missions are constantly being added as the community and the game grow.

The game works with mission cards travelling through people. Each player gets equipped with a deck of 24 those cards, priced at 5 dollars. Each card has a unique number and can be tracked online. “Every time a player performs a mission, he or she hands the card to the mission’s beneficiary, or the person who receives the act of kindness. That person can then log onto the game’s site to register receipt and write a short description of their experience of the mission, complete with photos or videos if desired”, is written on Springwise. The developers plan to make Akoha rewarding for players with high scores.

I’m not sure this is gonna be a success, but at least the idea is just great. Read more about it here.