Acoustic Ecology: Endangered Soundscapes

Save Our Sounds

Under the name ‘Save Our Sounds’, the BBC is currently building a huge digital user generated collection of sounds and soundscapes of the world. All gathered media is linked to geographical locations on an interactive map, which you can explore by clicking here. But… why? Well, just like endangered species of animals, there are sounds that are slightly disappearing. The project also addresses the issue of sound pollution in the world cities and how to escape from the ‘wall of noise’.

In two documentaries presented by acoustic engineer Professor Trevor Cox, “a range of experts including architects, urban planners, environmental scientists and social scientists”, are invited to discuss “how sound influences our lives and affects our well being”, and “what sounds are in danger of being lost in the future”. Very interesting, as specific sounds come and go throughout years and decades without people noticing. So, how to preserve endangered soundscapes? An interactive map is a good start. At the website you can also explore city soundscapes. Check it out.