A Temporary Lego Church

The architects of LOOS have built a church from giant Lego-like blocks in the city of Enschede, the Netherlands. Their so-called Abondantus Gigantus is a temporary pavilion in public space that was meant to be a meeting point and stage for performances and exhibitions during the Grenswerk Festival.

The Lego blocks that form the central construction elements of the church are not made out of plastic but concrete. They are inspired on the famous Lego bricks and painted in the same colors, but obviously they are way heavier. These concrete Lego blocks are pretty ubiquitous on the Dutch streets as they’re used to create partition walls and access blockages. The blocks have a significant similarity with the famous Danish toy.

In that sense the Abondantus Gigantus is a real temporary ‘church’ — can be deconstructed easily. Like with real Lego all individual bricks can be re-used for their original purpose after the festival. Although we’ve encountered plenty of other urban Lego projects over the past years, this project is the first using the idea of Lego as a building material for a real-size building. Scaled to real-life dimensions, such as construction system could have some big advantages compared to traditional building materials. It is easy to use and easy to change, and makes the city more adaptable. Furthermore, it is easy to deconstruct a building when necessary. But most important is the fact that almost every boy in the world is already trained in building with Lego…

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