A Restaurant In A Crate

Ardie van Bommel’s ‘Pure Nature’ graduation project is a modular outdoor restaurant made out of characteristic apple crates. By composing the diverse kitchen and dining units at any spot, allows an open air restaurant to pop up in a minute. Van Bommel’s modular crate restaurant is based on the classic apple crates that are used by farmers in the Dutch apple orchards, but is also meant to be used in these same orchards. In the nice green decor of the apple orchard, visitors can compose their own dishes using apples as the basic ingredient. A tractor is used to place the crates around the orchard.

Obviously, the concept of the flexible crate restaurant is meant for apple environments here. But thinking one step further it can be used in all kinds of other environments as well. As the project focusses on bringing the traditional food process closer to the consumer, I can imagine that also dining between the patatoes, wheat or corn could be facilitated. What about these modular restaurants popping up in the concrete dessert of business parks and suburbs?

This article belongs to our Dutch Design Week 2011 series, in which we showcase ten great designs spotted at the Design Academy’s graduation show.