A Relaxation Island In The Vltava River

Prague-based architects Ondrej Lipensky and Andrea Kubná have launched the concept for an interesting ‘floating oasis’ for the Vltava river in the Czech capital. Their proposal consists of a swimming pool lined with lounge chairs and cabins. A smaller, shallower pool for children will be built off the side of the main, 9,000-square-foot pool. Other services include restrooms, a sauna, a steam room, a bar, public lavatories, and showers. In Winter time the floating mini-island can be transformed into a skating rink with sauna facilities around it.

The Vltava is the longest river in the Czech Republic and has suffered from serious contamination for years, but the river is experiencing something of a rebirth over the last years according to Fast.Co Design. The water gets cleaner, particularly in the lower parts of the river that cross Prague. The floating oasis has to restore the use of the river by the inhabitants of Prague, as the Vltava currently remains completely unused in the city.

Further upstream, the Vltava is heavily used, not only by polluting industries but also for tourism purposes such as canoeists (as I can tell from my own experience). Canoeing is without any doubt one of the top recreational activities in the Czech Republic. Complete families spend their holidays along the Vltava canoeing and camping. This unique position of the Vltava in Czech culture is rehabilitated and brought into Prague by the proposed floating oasis.

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