A Pop-Up Restaurant On Top Of European Landmarks

The Cube is an ode to top gastronomy. Literally. This pop-up restaurant commissioned by the Swedish Appliance Manufacturer Electrolux is scheduled to stay on top of a series of European landmarks. From the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome to a mountain cliff in Switzerland, foodies in search for unique experiences will be able to admire breathtaking views while enjoying Michelin-starred meals.

Developed by Belgian event agency Absolute Blue and designed by Italian architects PARK Associati, The Cube is a fully transparent structure with laser-cut aluminium walls conceived to dismantle easily. Inside, the dining room for 18 guests will serve lunch and dinner prepared with locally sourced products by local chefs. The kitchen all equipped with Electrolux appliances will be at the center and allow the guests to interact with the chef. The Cube will be on top of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels (below) until July 3. Then, it will move to Italy, Russia, Switzerland, and Sweden, spending four to 12 weeks in each location.

Photos: Mocoloco and Electrolux.