A Parasite Chair To Wear

It is hard to find a good, clean and comfortable place to sit in the dense and over-designed urban jungle these days. The guys from the Austrian design agency Undpartner came up with a solution to this problem.

Their design is a chair to wear, a mix between a piece of jewelry and a piece of furniture. Undpartner’s wearable furniture can be attached to al sorts of posts and fences for comfortable flexible seating, comparable to Alexandra Pulver’s Pop-Up Lunch Bag. Although the seat might be comfortable, I personally have serious doubts whether it will be really comfortable walking around with a giant piece of metal around your neck during a hot Summer city trip. But it might be next Summer’s fashion hit, you never know.

This design of Undpartner has been unveiled at Salone Satellite during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The parasite chair is part of a collection that aims to rethink and re-conquer public space.

“Space is a rare commodity in cities, and so called ‘Public Space’ have been increasingly privatized, ‘No Trespassing’. Public seating or rest areas are only created where consumption is offered. undpartner is tired of this. Tired and in the mood to sit down, right here, right now. undpartner is ready to re-conquer public space: City residents are being given the opportunity to re-conquer room for communication and create a spot for everyday living with ‘wear-it-yourself’ furniture.”