A Night To Remember At Amsterdam’s Botel

Hotel, motel … Botel? Although it has been floating in the city of Amsterdam for many years now, most people (both tourists and residents) probably won’t even know of Amstel Botel’s existence. OK, admittedly, we can forgive ourselves — since the Botel’s relocation to ‘creative epicenter’ NDSM wharf, due to innercity developments, it left the sight of many. But, as of today, the Botel may be one of Amsterdam’s latest eye-catchers.

It’s owner wanted to make sure that the rather plain and boring Botel fitted well into its creative surroundings at the NDSM wharf. A collaboration of MMX Architects and architect Jord den Hollander came up with an awesome design for five new rooms at the Botel. Funny enough, the rooms are located on top of the upper deck and ‘letter shaped’ — together forming the word BOTEL. Each bright red letter (that is: room) is 6.5 meters high, and its complete silhouet is a reference to the chimneys of Amsterdam’s traditional ships.


Even more interesting than the letters’ outward appearance, is the rather unorthodox design of the rooms. Designed by different designers, each room has its own surprise. In the ‘B’, you’ll find a halfpipe for skaters. The ‘O’ is inspired by the erotic novel Histoire d’O (1954), written by French writer Paulina Réage. The elevator is located in the ‘T’, and also contains the captain’s room. The ‘E’ has something really cool, namely the Netherland’s smallest cinema. Last but not least, the ‘L’ is an oasis of peace, where one can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Needless to say, you can also you take a nap in all of these rooms.


Whereas most of Botel’s regular rooms are available to backpackers and low-budget tourists, the new rooms are just slightly more expensive. A single night will cost you around €200, but you can sleep up to four people per room. For all of you planning to visit Amsterdam, spending a night in one these awesome rooms could be the finishing touch of an unforgettable city trip!