A Movable 3D Printer That Prints Architecture

Sometimes flexible architecture pops up right in front of you. In our front yard in Amsterdam’s Tolhuistuin area, the architects of DUS have finished their so-called KamerMaker (‘RoomBuilder’), claimed to be the world’s first movable 3D print pavilion. In fact, the 6-meter high metal tower is a 3D printer for architects. Based on an upscaled Ultimaker, the KamerMaker helps architects to print all kinds of smaller rooms using PLA (bio plastics produced from corn). The KamerMaker can print small interiors, measuring up to 2m (width) x 2m (length) x 3.5m (height).

The KamerMaker will be officially be launched this Sunday as part of  OFF PICNIC, a side program of the international media and technology festival PICNIC, that features events, exhibitions and activities that happen in the city of Amsterdam, and are closely related with PICNIC’s theme ‘New Ownership’.

To some extent, the KamerMaker is comparable to Enrico Dini’s 3D printer for buildings that has been used since 2010 to print buildings. Dini’s printers are not movable and produce bigger and more solid architectural objects. The KamerMaker is limited in size and prints more flexible, pavilion types of architecture, using light-weight materials such as plastic.

Whereas the Ultimaker is a printer that could also print printers, the KamerMaker is a pavilion that prints other pavilions. In the future, these kinds of architectural techniques can be used to create interior solutions for casco buildings. For empty buildings it creates an instant perspective for re-use. Imagine an empty office floor to be re-arranged and re-programmed by printing small colorful spaces. Also other smaller types of outdoor architecture can be produced by this machine. What about a kiosk, a bus shelter, or a dog house?

From September onwards, the KamerMaker will be open to the public four days a week in the afternoon. Everyone can watch the live testing of the print techniques and contribute to the building process of the KamerMaker. During the fall, a special workshop program will be launched. The printer’s first 3D room is expected to be completed within a few weeks. From 2013 onwards, the KamerMaker will travel to different locations in the Netherlands and abroad.

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