A Decentralized Hotel In The Woods

People like treehouses, perhaps because treehouses offer typical excitement we know from childhood. Treehouses are hidden, dangerous to get in and hard to conquer. They lift you up from the ground and provide an alternative shelter. That could be the reason why treehouses have faced a renewed attention from artists and architects over the last years.

All kinds of examples have been featured also here — from the Boomwonen community treehouse concept to the invisible hotel in the woods, and the marvelous Bird Nest Hotel. The German firm Baumraum takes it a little more professional. It has created a decentralized tree hotel in the woods near Oldenburg. BeenSeen explains:

“Baumraum is specialized in constructing sophisticated, eco-friendly treehouses and elevated cabins custom made for the environment and purpose they serve. But their designs are playful, elegant, and a just little bit eccentric, like all proper treehouses. Now Baumraum has branched out into the hospitality business with Baumgeflüster Treehouse Hotel, an eco-retreat near Oldenburg, Germany.”

Booking a room in the trees in this decentral hotel will cost you 90 euros per night per person. It will offer you a relaxing resort-like experience in the middle of the Northern German woods.

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