A Decentralized Hotel In The Norwegian Woods

The Norwegian architects of Jensen & Skodvin have designed a great minimalist hotel in the Norwegian woods. The hotel offers great views and an intimate relation to the rest and peace of the Norwegian landscape. The design of this so-called Juvet Landscape Hotel is well taken care of. It’s clean and it perfectly fits with its physical context. The concept is interesting since the hotel is completely decentralized, as we have seen before with the floating hotel made by Ivan Filipovic. Here the rooms are all part of the same hotel, but are not part of the same building, offering visitors a bit of privacy, rest and a real place on their own. The idea is simple. Every room of the hotel is an independent wooden cabin with a large glass façade that looks straight out into the landscape.

Critics would probably suggest that decentralized hotels are nothing special as they are similar to the holiday parks we already know for years, but this decentralized hotel still doesn’t look like Center Parcs at all. The cabins are all different and offer diverse experiences. In addition, this is not a park but a natural environment. No effort is done to break down nature to make it fit to man’s needs. The hotel visitors are guests of Mother Nature here.

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