A Community-Driven Street Art App

We sure do love city-related apps. Some of them are for common and community good, some others are just for fun, others are both. Combining street art with crowd-sourcing, 1AM Mobile is such an app. This new, free community-driven photography application developed by San Francisco-based First Amendment Gallery aims to present the world’s street art on one platform.

1AM Mobile enables users to take photos of street art pieces, upload, geo-tag and share them with the rest of the community. The result is an ever-growing, crowd-sourced, world-wide digital library of beautiful street art.

1AM Mobile

Wouldn’t it be great to know where and which works you can find whenever you visit a city and experience them yourself? Apart from accurate directions to visit each project, the app gives options to share, tag, follow, and/or comment on works, creating a sort of social media platform for street art fanatics.

1AM Mobile

Not only would it be fun to have access to those public works of art whenever you want, but it is also a great way to preserve the so-much delicate existence of those works in (at least) the virtual realm. 1AM Mobile is a platform that could function as a historical archive of the street art movement around the world, as the initiators not only wish to capture the initial stage of a work, but its whole process and possible extinction throughout time.

The app is available for free download on the iTunes App Store.