A Big ‘THANK YOU!’ To Our First Backers!

We’re pretty overwhelmed here by the amazing support we’ve received in the first days of the Pop-Up City book crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

We’re very happy and grateful to see that so many people want us to publish the book! It was a real treat to see the first 12 hours get us past $1,000 with ease — and then hitting 15% of our funding goal by the end of first day. Now, right at the moment that we send out this first update, we have reached over 25% of our final goal of $10,000. More than 50 wonderful people have helped us to get to this point.

So we want take this moment to say “THANK YOU!!!” to our earliest backers, Marleen Rademaker, Daniel Seyde, Luis Monteiro, Bart Hoekstra, Thomas Franssen, BrucesKickstarter, Rebekka Keuss, Andy James, Harry van der Velde, Nicholas W Park, Emily Sivich, Bruce Timothy Mans, Lucas Lindsey, Vincent Muller, Kalinychev Dmitriy Vladimirovich, Caroline Vrauwdeunt, Rudolf van Wezel, Roland Reen, Emile Forest, Marissa, Ad Hupkes, tart2000, Tamar Barneveld, Jess Baker, Alice Suckling, Douglas Mirams, Ryan Swanson, Thomas Joie, Brian Driscoll, Toby Anstruther, Meghan Albert, Yuki Kho, Laura le Clerc, Sebastiaan, Samuel Hansen, Rick Taintor, Hai De Chen, Molly de Aguiar, David Heyburn, Charlene Leibel, Julia Nowek, David E Lackey, Stephanie Jenkinson, Emma Petersen, Ria Havinga, Amy Saunders Grey, puppyrainbow, Tony Gatner, Guusje Witteveen, Sipke Visser, Carlos Pedro Sant’Ana, Carla Link Federizzi, Caroline Knappers, Julie de Weger, and Maciej Szafraniec. You’re the first adopters among the earliest adopters!

Joop and Jeroen

We’ll do our very best to make this book happen, and promise to keep you updated about the progress of both the production and the crowd-funding campaign. Rock on!

With grateful regards,

Joop and Jeroen