3D Façade Projection In Amsterdam

Last Thursday, Samsung introduced a large-scale commercial 3D Outdoor projection at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, to promote their new 3D screen technology.

The audience was able to view the addition of a new visual dimension on the facade of the historic building. On the adjacent square, visitors were able to try out the new Samsung 3D LED TVs, and were offered a chance to win one of these. The campaign forms part of a bigger Samsung campaign in which the city is a platform for future 3D screen developments. Check out the video below to watch the TV commercial.

Cities have always been used as a platform for advertising. But because of the overload of ads these days city people have become almost immune for all the undesirable messages. That’s why brands have to come up with new strategies for advertising in public space. Samsung shows that big world brands have to offer something really interesting in order to get their portion of attention. In addition, it’s interesting to notice that public space is used to create all sorts of campaigns that are aimed at the passers-by on first sight, but which real purpose is to get picked up on social media and by blogs like this one. So if you read this sitting in a Samsung headquarter, it’s good to know that you can always call us to advertise at Pop-Up City. 🙂