10,000 Eyes Are Watching Out!

Here at our urban design office Golfstromen we just finished our newest project. For the Police Department of the City of Rotterdam, we did the creative direction and principal design for the 10,000 Eyes campaign. The campaign consists of 10,000 eyes that were left in public space in the Rotterdam district of Delfshaven. The main objective of the project was to help the police to communicate their anti-crime policy in this neighborhood, and to give context to the idea to fight this problem altogether.

On two 95 meters tall towers of the Europoint building complex we added large 10 square meter big eyes to give the towers a face and an expression. The big eyes can’t be missed by passers-by since these are very well visible from various highways in the region as well as from the main railway track.

Together with 70 volunteers from neighborhood and police department, 10,000 eyes were sprayed on the pavements in the neighborhood, which make people wonder what happens. Also trams, bus stops and metro stations were brought to life with mysterious eyes everywhere in and around them. The idea, goal and sender of the campaign wasn’t communicated for the first week, which resulted in a great number of reactions and speculations on diverse social media.

Along with the urban interventions, we designed an inspiring newspaper (thanks Dan!) that was distributed in Rotterdam. The image above shows a glimpse of the paper, which was meant to raise awareness regarding the campaign and commitment from the locals.