10 Trends For 2013

Dear readers, as the end-of-the-year trend storm in other parts of the blogosphere has subsided, the time has come for us to speak up and share our infamous Pop-Up City-flavored selection of urban trends and developments for 2013. We’ll be posting a fresh insight every day for the next two weeks. Stay tuned if you want to read something new.

Reflecting on what we’ve written in 2012 and looking into the new year, we’ve composed a new list of remarkable trends that we consider to be important for our cities in the coming time, whether it’s about urbanism, architecture, design, marketing, lifestyle or technology. This 2013 selection is our third series of urban trends (go here for the 2011 list, go here for the 2012 list). Feel free to contact us in case you want to learn more about these insights and/or how they can help cities, organizations and brands.

  1. Trend 1: Spotify The City
  2. Trend 2: Secret Urbanism And New Exclusivity
  3. Trend 3: The Reinvention Of The Post Box
  4. Trend 4: The Factory Moves Back Into Our Houses
  5. Trend 5: Local Urban Culture Goes Global
  6. Trend 6: Online Stores Revitalize Shopping Streets
  7. Trend 7: DIY Currencies For DIY Communities
  8. Trend 8: Urban Farming Becomes Serious Business
  9. Trend 9: Want To Claim Your City? There’s An App For That
  10. Trend 10: The Rise Of Indie Architecture

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