Buurtfeest Turns Courtyards And Balconies Into A Neighborhood Festival

Ever partied with your neighbors? With Buur(t)feest, Dutch for “Neighbor(hood) Party”, courtyards and balconies of apartment blocks in Amsterdam set the scene for fun and entertainment with and by neighbors.

Besides lead singer of 1950s band Swing&Tell, Linda Oudendijk is the founder of Buur(t)feest Amsterdam: a festival that takes place in gardens and on the balconies of typical Amsterdam apartment blocks. Residents open up their house, balcony or garden to neighbors and friends, and jointly have fun and enjoy various performances that take place at other people’s gardens and balconies.

Buurtfeest Buurtfeest

All residents are invited in advance. Those who participate will receive an envelope with decorational items such as flags and balloons for their garden or balcony. Also local entrepreneurs can join the party by sponsoring with coupons and small gifts for visitors. Alongside Oudendijk with her Swing&Tell, other (local) bands and artists will also perform. Especially musicians living in the apartment block are encouraged to share their musical skills with neighbors!

Buurtfeest Buurtfeest

Buur(t)feest is a great initiative that encourages social interaction between neighbors and creates more solidarity and a sense of safety among them. From May onwards, Buur(t)feest will return on a monthly basis to Amsterdam’s courtyards. The first editions will take place in West Amsterdam, but Oudendijk plans to expand Buur(t)feest to other neighborhoods as well. In case you’re living in Amsterdam and you want to organize your own Buurtfeest, simply sign up your apartment block here.