A Mobile Office In The Woods (Or On The Beach)

Working in nature seems to get increasingly popular. Only a few weeks ago we featured a group of nomadic co-workers who travel the Dutch nature with a caravan of mobile offices, now Design Milk writes about the Belgian design firm FIVE AM that has developed a mobile office that allows users to work in any given landscape.

The mobile office, that can be transported by any normal car, is called #dojowheels. From the outside it looks like any normal caravan, but the interior is completely transformed to fit the needs of the modern nomadic worker. It can, according to the makers, easily change its setup to offer the user the most practical surrounding: “A flat surface acts as a bed, couch and table with storage available underneath.” The #dojowheels project envisions the designers’ vision on the way people work together — not in a set environment, but in continuously changing conditions.

#dojowheels #dojowheels #dojowheels