MIT Designs Foldable Electric Cars

MIT designs foldable electric car

We’ve seen electric cars morph into various shapes and sizes, but have we ever thought to make them foldable? MIT did, with their Hiroki car. While this neat little innovation does little for running performance, it will greatly improve parking and storage efficiency, which fits nicely into the recent ‘micro-city’ trend. Three foldable cars can stack into one standard parking space.

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QR Box Store Opens Doors In The Hague

Remember the box store? In The Hague, an interesting new retail concept has opened doors recently. is a cross-over between a box store and a webshop. The company rents out boxes in a shopping street window to webshop owners which they can use to display their products offline for once and promote it to another group of potentially interested people. By scanning a QR code shoppers can purchase products immediately on their smartphones.

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Procter & Gamble Launches QR Truck Store

QR store truck

What will the future of shopping look like? Perhaps this concept gets close. Two American mega brands, Procter & Gamble and Walmart, team up in a new marketing campaign to promote online and mobile shopping. This truck allows pedestrians to buy household products from the side of the truck by scanning a QR code.

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Mark McKeague Explores The Future Sound Of Traffic

City Symphonies by Mark McKeague

Although many electric vehicles use synthesized sounds to simulate the sound of motor vehicles, you can let them play any sound you want. London-based interaction designer Mark McKeague explores the future sound of urban traffic by letting electric cars adapt their sound to their relationship to other road users and the environment. Can the city become a symphony?

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In Stores Soon: The Flying Car

'Transition' by Terrafugia

If you followed Pop-Up City three years ago, you may remember this piece we wrote about Terrafugia’s early developments in building a flying car. The company recently announced that a prototype of the ‘Transition’ street plane completed its maiden flight on March 23 in Plattsburgh, New York.

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Timon Sager’s Flying House

Once upon a time, images that represented the future needed to have flying cars in them. Timon Sager now has a different idea of the future, because he knows flying cars already exist. Similar to Pixar’s motion picture Up, where Carl Fredricksen turns his house into an airship using thousands of helium balloons, vehicle and…

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CityTouch: The Urban Lighting System Of The Future

CityTouch by Philips

Intelligent technologies allow for ground-breaking innovations in urban environments. A great example here is CityTouch, an online urban lighting management system developed by Philips that enables dynamic, intelligent and flexible control on a city-wide scale.  The CityTouch system is able to provide light precisely when, where and in the right amount needed. Why fully illuminate the…

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Trend 1: Crowd-Funded Urbanism

I Make Rotterdam

Crowd-funding has become extremely popular over the last years. Lots of cultural, artistic and design initiatives have already been made possible thanks to platforms like Kickstarter. But will this work for urbanism too? Yes, it does! The idea of paying together for those things we really like, starts to win popularity in the urban profession in 2012. The first crowd-funded urban projects have been realized in cities around the United States and also in the Netherlands we have encountered some great examples. In these times of financial crisis with a lack of confidence in financial institutions and governments, this kind of funding will gain importance in urbanism. Urbanism will be paid by the crowds, which will mean that the crowds will be having influence as well.

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