BANGA Project Restores Pop-Up Architecture Of The Early 70s

BANGA bungalows

Originally designed by Carlo Zappa in 1971, the futuristic portable BANGA bungalows get a second life. Restoration architect Pamela Voigt discovered fourteen abandoned BANGAs in an Italian holiday resort. With cracks in the glass-reinforced plastic GRP shells, the structures are in a very bad condition. Voigt has taken up the plan to save the little Italian sister of the famous Finnish Futuro.

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Urban Routines — Everyday Life In The Big City

Fence kiosk in Moscow

Urban designers and architects almost always focus on future scenarios for cities. We tend to forget that, at the same time, many, many city dwellers are just living their daily lives. They drive their cars through over-populated streets, they sit in front of computers in offices, and they buy their daily groceries in the supermarket around the corner. Shouldn’t we take a moment to look at the things that are happening now in our cities? The Strelka Institute in Moscow hosts a new program around the theme Urban Routines — everyday life in the big city.

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The World’s First Fair Phone, Vacuum Cleaner Architecture And More At PechaKucha Amsterdam

Klaas Kuiken's bird house roof tiles.

As you may know we curate and host the PechaKucha Night Amsterdam besides our Pop-Up City activities. We’re happy to announce a new mind-blowing edition that’s taking place at Roest this Wednesday! Expect fascinating ideas, stories and doses of inspiration by twelve enlightened minds, restricted by the world-famous rule of 20 slides x 20 seconds.

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Hamburg District Becomes A Playground For City-Makers

The Energiebunker.

The prestigious Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) has set up shop in Wilhelmsburg, a district in the south of Hamburg that struggles with the legacy of its heavy industrial history. The main theme that IBA applies to Wilhelmsburg is the shift in the way Germany wants to manage energy — a shift from energy consumption to energy production. As always, this big ambition is connected with innovation in building techniques and architecture, but also with culture, experience and just fun. These last elements in particular make this piece of urbanism stand out. A playground for city-makers will eventually turn into a playground for everyone.

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