Hamburg District Becomes A Playground For City-Makers

The Energiebunker.

The prestigious Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) has set up shop in Wilhelmsburg, a district in the south of Hamburg that struggles with the legacy of its heavy industrial history. The main theme that IBA applies to Wilhelmsburg is the shift in the way Germany wants to manage energy — a shift from energy consumption to energy production. As always, this big ambition is connected with innovation in building techniques and architecture, but also with culture, experience and just fun. These last elements in particular make this piece of urbanism stand out. A playground for city-makers will eventually turn into a playground for everyone.

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Can Online Architecture Marketplace CoContest Save The Architect?


CoContest is a new online marketplace that connects architects and interior designers from all over the world with potential clients by enabling users to organize little design competitions. On the one hand this enables architects to get in touch with new clients, on the other hand it enables every house owner in the world to launch a contest based on their very own wishes and needs. CoContest crowdsources the overwhelming amount of global creativity and brings it to the masses.

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How Community Blogs Become A Tool For City-Making

De XXX Stadsdelen Collectie

City blogging is a great tool to share ideas around the world toward better urban futures, but it’s also a potent tool for hyper-local community development. In the Netherlands, many community blogs have popped up and we’re excited to be inviting the founders of three Amsterdam community blogs, Ilovenoord, BoloBoost, and Nice Nieuw West, on stage at The Pop-Up City Live to discuss the importance and potential of local blogging efforts.

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May 21st: The Pop-Up City Live — A Night For Urban Innovators

The Pop-Up City Live

In spring of 2008 we started a little blog with great ideas that make a change in cities. A lot has happened since. Now, five years we can’t let our fifth birthday go unnoticed. For that special occasion we’re hosting The Pop-Up City Live, an experimental event for urban innovators at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam on Tuesday May 21st in which we will bring The Pop-Up City to life on stage!

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