Back To Nature 3D Printing

Silk Pavilion Project

These days all the rage is about 3D printing. Many say that it will change life as we know it — once it is technically mature. For now though, let’s be honest, 3D printing still remains simply a fun gadget to experiment with. So, while we are still in the developing phase it surely does not hurt to have a look at Mother Nature who has for ages already come up with her very own and unique ways of 3D printing. Who knows, maybe we can learn something as so often has been the case.

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Is This Automatic Magazine Kiosk The Newspaper Stand Of The Future?

MegaNews kiosk

This summer, the world’s first on-demand printing kiosk was introduced in a shopping mall in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Besides the fact that this is yet another interesting concept machine, it offers new opportunities for both print and digital media. Although the concept currently covers the bigger newspapers and magazines, such a machine can also give an impulse to independently published magazines as well as online media.

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  • Unlock Private Spaces In The City With Breather


    The local Starbucks if often filled with hip looking people who are slowly sipping their coffees with hasty people incomprehensibly shouting their names to the baristas. In between these people, the keen observer could discern another group altogether: the people who despite the circumstances desperately try to work. For the people who like a bit more peace, quiet and privacy than their local coffeeshop can offer them, there is Breather.

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    Sold Takes Second-Hand Marketplace To The Next Level


    ‘Sold’ is a recently launched application that helps users to sell, price and ship second-hand items. The app enables anyone to become a successful seller on the online second-hand marketplace without the hassle that usually comes with it — ‘Sold’ does all the dirty work. The only thing you have to do is upload a picture and provide necessary information. ‘Sold’ prices the articles, sells it and organizes packaging and shipping (!).

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