MQTT Lets Objects Talk To Each Other


The world is slowly starting to speak a new language. It is not a language like the ones we know, but rather a way of understanding between everything and everyone in existence. With the rise of the Internet of Things, where practically everything has a built-in chip, it is important that all these devices are able to communicate clearly. As long as my smart thermostat cannot ‘talk’ with the automatic lock on my back door, there is still some ground to be covered. And that is exactly what MQTT is going to do.

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First Bitcoin ATM To Be Launched In Cyprus

Bitcoin ATM developed by Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures

Earlier this year we discussed the emerging urban trend of the peer-to-peer economy and it got us thinking for more flexible alternatives of money. That’s when we spotted another upcoming trend, that of the DIY currencies. It seems that what we considered back then to be an experimental digital currency is already getting closer to becoming as functional as traditional currencies. Bitcoin was proven to be a valuable measure towards the establishment of the peer-to-peer economy.

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  • Tell Others About Usable Trash In Your Neighborhood With Trashswag


    Passing by a pile of trash on the street you often spot stuff that is still usable. But most of the times it’s not the right moment to take it, it’s not the item that you need or you don’t have enough space to store it. In that case it would be great to tell others about it and give them the opportunity to pick it up. That’s what becomes possible with Trashswag, a recently launched app that makes collecting trash and recycling social.

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    Smile-Bot Spreads Happiness In Public Space


    “Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though it’s breaking”, wrote John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons in 1954 as lyrics for Charlie Chaplin’s song ‘Smile’. Even through all our sorrows and hardships, smiling is something we ought to do continuously, they claimed, and how right they were. Nowadays the world is not all fun and games and of course a smile can be further away than one might wish to admit, so for the moments where a smile is not at hand, there is Smile-Bot, who wants to fill your world with joy and laughter.

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    Automatic Turns Cars Into Smart Cars


    It’s hard not to get envious of all the fancy applications smartphone users have access to when being a motorist driving a fairly straight-forward car. Sure, your stereo might have buttons with obscure usage and maybe you even have a state-of-the-art entertainment center right in the center console. But really, what else can you do? To answer to these ‘appified’ needs of the contemporary motorist, Automatic is all you would ever want to know about your car in one simple smart device.

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  • Parasite Energy Harvesters Turn The City Into A Power Plant

    Energy harvester by Dennis Siegel

    Last year we told you about energy parasites and the efforts of groups of people to capture spoiled energy in the city and make it useful for other purposes. Recently we found a stunning new invention in the field of parasite energy harvesting that we want you to know about. German designer Dennis Siegel created a small device that is able to harvest energy from electromagnetic fields and instantly recharge batteries (!).

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    The Secret Door: Your Travel Agency To Google Street View

    The Secret Door

    The website The Secret Door tries to unlock Street View’s hidden treasures for its visitors. Behind the ‘door’ a whole world of beautiful landscapes, crazy shops and amazing places on this world have been selected. Users of The Secret Door are dropped at such a spot and are free to wander around digitally. When you get bored, you can easily push the button to be taken to another travel location. Curating Google Street View, The Secret Door could be considered one of the first real online travel agencies.

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