Claim Your Spot In The City With OWNR


OWNR is a new (mobile) website and soon-to-be-launched app that adds a new dimension to urban sports. It helps you to discover, share and own your favorite urban hotspots. Find spots, see tricks others already did and battle for the best trick. That’s what OWNR is all about.

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Augmented Reality Exhibition Uses Graffiti As Marker

Augmented Reality exhibition, Lelystad

In the Dutch town of Lelystad, Augmented Reality artist Sander Veenhof has launched a virtual photo exhibition that uses the graffiti on the walls of the abandoned (and never finished) station of Lelystad-Zuid as markers for the digital artworks. The Augmented Reality exhibition connects the digital world with the physical world in a very direct way: whenever new graffiti appears, the markers are ‘destroyed’, so the digital exhibition will slowly fade away.

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Location-Based App Landlord Turns The City Into A Monopoly Game


Landlord is a real-world property game that enables you to buy Foursquare venues you visit and then earn rent as people check in at those properties on Foursquare. Like Monopoly, every player starts with a budget ($50,000). Unlike Monopoly, you’re only allowed to buy venues that are nearby, so no dices here but GPS. Every time a Foursquare user checks in at a venue you own, you earn rent.

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  • World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth Opens In Tokyo

    3D printing photo booth, Tokyo

    Needless to say, 3D printing is hot-hot-hot. While we’re patiently waiting for the first easy-to-use, mass-consumer 3D printers to hit the department stores of our cities, all kinds of artists, designers and architects try to find out what’s in it for them. Here we’ve got a remarkable example from Tokyo. Instead of taking a picture of you, this advanced photo booth produces a 3D-printed miniature replica!

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    Online And Offline Shopping Merge As Google Street View Moves Into Shops

    Google Street View moves into shops

    Since Google launched Street View a couple of years ago, we all have the possibility to digitally stroll the streets of cities all over the world. Google has recently begun extending this service by adding Google Business Photos to Street View. Google Business Photos allow for 360° previews in shops, restaurants and other businesses. This literary opens doors. Street View made it possible to take a close look at the city’s public space, but now we can even wander around in the private atmosphere of participating shops. Isn’t that exciting?

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    iPhone App Wanderous Adds A New Twist To Psychogeography


    Launched two weeks ago, Wanderous is a new navigation application for the iPhone that creates routes optimized for adventure. Routes in Wanderous start and end where the user specifies, but here’s an important twist that sets the service apart from other psychogeography-focused applications: during the journey the routes intentionally wander to one or more interesting, unique, or notable spots chosen by the user. These spots can include parks, landmarks, historical sites, busy city corridors, scenic vistas, and public attractions.

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