A Chat With Martijn De Waal (The Mobile City)

Martijn de Waal (The Mobile City)

Next week, on Thursday 4 October, we’re bringing Europe’s finest city, design and culture bloggers to Amsterdam for Blogging the City, a one-day festival where the ‘blogosphere’ discusses the urban future. Ahead of the event, we’ll introduce you to some of our speakers through a series of short interviews. First one is Martijn de Waal, Amsterdam-based journalist and researcher and one of the founders of The Mobile City, a blog run by an independent research group that investigates the influence of digital media technologies on urban life, and the implications for urban design.

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De Wereld Van Witte De With — 5 Questions To Axel Timm (Raumlabor)

Limousine Service by Raumlabor

Axel Timm is one of the founders of the Berlin-based office Raumlabor. Raumlabor is currently working in Rotterdam to prepare their latest project for the ‘Wereld van Witte de With’ festival, which will take place between 14 and 16 September. The festival’s theme for this year is ‘The Street – Live!’, focusing on new ways to use and experience public spaces. We asked Timm five questions about Raumlabor, his views on enhancing public space, and ‘Limousine Service’, the office’s current intervention on the streets of Rotterdam.

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  • Tio Tikka, Food (Truck) Pioneer

    Camionette, Helsinki

    Helsinkian Tio Tikka is only 21 years old. Yet, he has already been the brains behind some great food concepts in the Finnish capital. At the age of 19 he popped up in downtown Helsinki’s public space with a Citroën Camionette truck that he had turned into a 24/7 crêperie/coffee bar on wheels. His struggle with the local authorities over street-selling permits paved the way for a (very) humble street food culture in Helsinki. We had a chat with Tio during our Helsinki visit, in his new restaurant/club Suola that he opened three weeks ago.

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    Roamler’s Co-Founder Wiggert De Haan On Location-Based Crowd-Sourcing


    Some time ago Daniel wrote an article on Roamler, a new app from Amsterdam that provides a totally new way of exploring the city. Roamler enables its users to earn real money by completing location-based assignments. Companies can outsource tasks that usually relate to marketing and promotion, ranging from checking a product’s placement within a store to the individual publicizing the product in different ways. We asked five questions to Roamler’s co-founder Wiggert de Haan.

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    Bas Van Tol (Müller Van Tol) On Temporary Design

    Bas van Tol is partner and designer at Müller van Tol, an Amsterdam-based design agency devoted to (temporary) interior design. Founded in the end of the eighties, the office has spezialized in wonderful, raw and minimal temporary interior projects for exhibitions, restaurants, bars, clubs and offices, such as the legendary restaurant and nightclub 11 in Amsterdam…

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  • Nadia Amoroso On DataAppeal And DIY Urban Mapping

    One year ago we wrote an article on The Exposed City: Mapping the Urban Invisibles, a book by Toronto-based urban designer and researcher Nadia Amoroso that deals with the world of visual representation of the city in a new digital context. The book formed the basis for DataAppeal, a new online geograpical data visualization service that was…

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    Blogger Interview 10: Maria Popova (Brain Pickings)

    This Summer we present a series of short interviews here on Pop-Up City. We invited a number of our favorite bloggers to answer six questions not only about their passion for blogging, but also their city, work experience and inspiration. The result is a collection of stories on blogs and the people behind them. Number 10…

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