Virgin Launches World’s First Airplane Art Gallery

Virgin Atlantic Gallery in the Air

Virgin Atlantic has recently announced to open art galleries on airplanes. Teaming up with British street artist Eine (Ben Flynn), the ‘Gallery in the Air’ collaboration aims to bring art at 35,000 feet. The passengers of the first class (Upper Class) will have the chance to experience a pop-up gallery atmosphere while traveling between New York and London. Except for the in-plane exhibition, there will also be a series of the artists’ typography artworks presented in the lounge rooms, the exclusive ‘Clubhouses’, of London Heathrow, JFK and Newark Clubhouses airports.

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Make Your Tools Accessible To Those Who Need Them At The Tool Library

Tool Library

Here’s another solution for putting those tools gathering dust in your house to use: make them available for lending at your local Tool Library! Opening next month, Toronto’s Tool Library is one of many similar projects that have popped up all over North America, Australia and Europe. The recent popularity of tool libraries is another example of how the peer-to-peer economy continues to gain popularity and evolve, changing the way we interact with each other and our cities.

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Explore The Unknown Parts Of Your City With Abandoned


Empty buildings have been a ‘problem’ that cities have had to deal with increasingly in the last couple of years. Nevertheless abandoned buildings and even ruins can be very beautiful to explore. It often takes some time to find them though. For people who want to skip the hunt for these places and get to the exploring straight-away, there is THE FORM’s iPhone app Abandoned.

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  • Google Street Scene: Moments From Cinema Captured By Street View Cameras

    Google Street Scene

    It seems that the World Wide Web and the potential generated when you mix one concept and Internet tool with another are really inexhaustible. Though it’s only been a week since map enthusiast Tre Baker launched his new Tumblr (check out the other one here), things have gone wild in the blogosphere. Google Street Scene is the perfect combination of Google Street View aesthetics, cinephile interests and challenging quizzes.

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    Biblio-Mat Vending Machine Dispenses Random Second-Hand Books

    Biblio-Mat vending machine, Toronto

    The Monkey’s Paw, an idiosyncratic second-hand bookstore in Toronto, has installed this entertaining one-of-a-kind vending machine. The Biblio-Mat dispenses random titles of old books. Buying a book is really a surprise here! Don’t be worried, you can expect something nice and interesting for sure, as the books inside the machine are curated by the antiquarian book shop, that’s specialized in uncommon and out-of-print books, ephemera, and images. Biblio-Mat books, which widely vary in size and subject matter, cost only 2 dollars.

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  • A Free Library In The Tokyo Subway

    Tokyo Metro Book Share

    I came across an interesting story on Tokyo Story about a book-sharing system in the metro of the Japanese capital. If you go to Nezu station on the Chiyoda subway line of the Tokyo Metro, you will find these unusual bookcases. In the shape of an old fashioned metro train, this public book-sharing installation enables travelers to read whilst sitting in the driver’s compartment of the fist carriage. You can also take a book with you to read while commuting in the ever busy Tokyo subway. As soon as you have finished it, you can return it.

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    Hot Tub Cinema Pops Up On East London Rooftop

    Hot Tub Cinema, London

    At the Pop-Up City we always like new concepts. Talking cinemas, we’ve seen a lot of new stuff over the past years: a bike-in cinema in Amsterdam, a parasite cinema in an Auckland porch and a pedal-powered cinema in the city of Derby. This summer, however, Londoners could combine watching a movie with taking a hot bath in the so-called Hot Tub Cinema. The Hot Tub Cinema is a traveling screening event that creates a unique experience for its visitors. Taking over the rooftop of Netil360 in East London, the Hot Tub Cinema was a huge success. Classic films like Top Gun and Anchorman were screened against the background of London’s inimitable skyline.

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    Designers Turn Abandoned Walmart Into America’s Largest Library

    McAllen Public Library

    Walmarts, the granddaddy of big box stores, are ubiquitous in America. Their lumbering structures and parking lots cover vast areas – a single store is the size of 2.5 football fields. Often cited as a major reason for sprawl in North America, Walmarts have been further criticised for their habit of abandoning stores for various reasons from upgrading to poor business. These soulless shells often sit idle for long periods, taking up space and infrastructure, contributing to nothing but blight. When the city of McAllen, Texas inherited one such store, it decided to give it a better use. Designers Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle completely overhauled the interior to create a bright and playful space for books and people to intermingle. At 124,500 sqft, this McAllen Public Library is the largest single-floor public library in the US.

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