Is Amsterdam Turning Into A Museum?

Recently I came across reviews of two apps: the ‘Amsterdam 1850-1940’ app, which contains information and imagery of over 3500 buildings in Amsterdam built in the heyday of Amsterdam history, and the app called ‘History2go’, which literally claims to “change historical city centers into open-air museums”. Reading the articles and taking a look at the apps in question lead me to rethink the so-called ‘museumification’ of the city of Amsterdam.

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Japanese City Installs Smartphone Stands For ‘Kodak Moments’

Recently, the Japanese city of Fujisawa installed camera stands for mobile phones at scenic spots that are popular to share with friends at home. Created by Sunpole, the stand has a slot to place any type of smartphone in. The stand can be rotated 360 degrees and is positioned at just the right height and distance to include everyone in the frame to allow for a perfect ‘Kodak moment’.

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Independent Zines Kiosk Pops Up In The New York Subway

Metro stations are good places for retail, as thousands of commuters pass by every day. Ordinary news stands, food courts and clothing shops often fill the spaces deep down in these metropolitan transfer hubs. However, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where else?) it’s a little different — an independent zines kiosk has taken over a news stand at the Metropolitan Avenue station for one month.

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  • Home Recording Project Turns Building Into An Online Radio Station

    ‘Home’ is a new residence in Amsterdam that houses 69 international students of the city’s music academy. The building’s owner wanted the surrounding neighborhood to benefit from all the musical talent inside. Turning the building into a giant radio transmitter, the Home Recording project enables the students to share their melodies with neighbors, relatives at home and everyone else.

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  • Don’t Toss It Away — Fix It! — At The Repair Cafe

    We’ve all been there. Our coffee maker, printer, or blender brakes, and it costs way less to buy a new one then to go through all the trouble of fixing it. Responding to this incredibly wasteful phenomenon and the volume of raw materials and energy needed to produce and transport new goods, Martine Postma, an environmental activist in the Netherlands created the world’s first Repair Cafe.

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    Community Currencies And Bartering Models Take Root In Greek Cities

    Last January we highlighted the emerging phenomenon of alternative and DIY currencies in cities across the globe. These currencies have been developed by people who wish to see their economy and society through a different scope — more humanitarian, more social. The financial crisis has boosted further development of new peer-to-peer-oriented economic systems in different parts of the world.

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