Makkie: A Currency For The Community


‘Makkie’ is a new peer-to-peer economy in the Indische Buurt (Indian Quarter) in East Amsterdam that was introduced a few months ago. Neighborhood residents can earn ‘Makkies’ by doing a chore for their neighbors or local organizations. This can be anything, varying from fixing someone’s computer to volunteering at a film festival or painting a hallway. Every hour of work will earn you one Makkie. Makkies, which look like real money, can be redeemed for discounts on products at local shops, free movie tickets, fitness courses, you name it.

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Some Wine With Your Outdoor Library?

Bookyard by Massimo Bartolini

What do you get when you cram a lawn chock-full of books? A Bookyard! We love pop-up libraries, from trees to trains. Italian artist Massimo Bartolini has outfitted the gentle slopes of St. Peter’s Abbey in Ghent with 12 sweeping bookcases for the Belgian art festival Track: A Contemporary City Conversation. The installation is actually adjacent to the abbey’s vineyard (the bookcases are aligned with the rows of vines) because Bartolini believes that both good wine and books can broaden the mind.

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  • Bibliotren Transforms Trains Into Virtual Libraries


    Travelers of the Catalan Government Railways (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) will have plenty to read over the coming months as the trains are turned into virtual libraries, where 40 books are displayed on posters. After scanning a book’s QR code, travelers are enabled to read the first chapter of every book.

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