Home Recording Project Turns Building Into An Online Radio Station

‘Home’ is a new residence in Amsterdam that houses 69 international students of the city’s music academy. The building’s owner wanted the surrounding neighborhood to benefit from all the musical talent inside. Turning the building into a giant radio transmitter, the Home Recording project enables the students to share their melodies with neighbors, relatives at home and everyone else.

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  • Don’t Toss It Away — Fix It! — At The Repair Cafe

    We’ve all been there. Our coffee maker, printer, or blender brakes, and it costs way less to buy a new one then to go through all the trouble of fixing it. Responding to this incredibly wasteful phenomenon and the volume of raw materials and energy needed to produce and transport new goods, Martine Postma, an environmental activist in the Netherlands created the world’s first Repair Cafe.

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    Community Currencies And Bartering Models Take Root In Greek Cities

    Last January we highlighted the emerging phenomenon of alternative and DIY currencies in cities across the globe. These currencies have been developed by people who wish to see their economy and society through a different scope — more humanitarian, more social. The financial crisis has boosted further development of new peer-to-peer-oriented economic systems in different parts of the world.

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    Part-Own Everything You Desire With OwnMutually

    Winning a trophy for a group effort often comes with the question ‘who is going to keep it?’ Seldom one person is chosen as the ‘trophy-bearer’ and one strategy is to alternate possession of the trophy between all members of the group. The same sort of ownership-tension can exist when you purchase something that is used by a group or community, for example a microwave for your dormitory. Australia-based OwnMutually takes this concept and applies it to anything you can imagine where both initial investments and ownership are shared.

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  • 5000 Payphones Relive New York City’s Gritty 90s

    Recalling 1993 is a project that pays homage to NYC’s relatively recent past. It is an immersive journey into New York in 1993 — its people, streetscapes, and stories. The project looks past the contemporary glitz and intense capital investment of today to a much different city whose tough reputation kept most people away. As you will discover with the project, despite its bad reputation, New York City was home to a tight and vibrant community with its own landmarks, villains, mascots and heroes.

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    Twitter Tongues Shows Geographical Multilinguality Of London And NYC

    Twitter truly seems to be an all-knowing entity. If we would like to see how many people are talking about chipmunks in Italy, it could tell us in a second, with even more precise data for regions and cities. Twitter Tongues uses Twitter to show us the languages of tweets sent from London and New York in the summer of 2012, and provides a unique look into these multilingual cities.

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