• Art On The Loose

    London is full of urban street art and installations, from Banksy’s graffiti prints to Gormley’s mysterious statues. However it is not just contemporary artists who use the city as their canvas, as the National Gallery showed when they set their permanent collection free on the streets of London.

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  • Edward Skidelsky: How To Live A Good Life?

    The British economic philosopher Edward Skidelsky is one of the authors of the international bestseller How Much Is Enough? — Money and the Good Life (2012), which he wrote together with his father Robert Skidelsky. Skidelsky is currently working on a new book, The Language of the Virtues, which will be published by Princeton University Press. On Thursday 20 February, architecture and urbanism institute Stroom in The Hague will host a lecture by Edward Skidelsky in which he will focus on two main questions: what do we really need as humans? And how do governments create conditions for a ‘Good Life’?

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    Turn Your TV Into A Gallery With Teletext Art

    Teletext has stuck to its confined format for 40 years now, ruthlessly blocking any signs of change out, turning this medium into a nearly unused, antiquated matter.  For this reason, although there has always been a number of talented artists, teletext art has never gained real momentum. The International Teletext Art Festival ITAF 2013 that could be happening now on everybody’s television screen attempts to change this and to take teletext art to the masses by showing viewers the possibilities that this limited medium has to offer.

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