The Pirate Bubble: Parasite Architecture From The Seventies

The Pirate Bubble

Doing research for the upcoming Pop-Up City book, we came across a great ‘Pop-Up City avant la lettre’ project by Jean-Louis Chanéac (1931-1993). In 1971, the French architect installed a parasite bedroom on the façade of a regular modernist residential apartment block in Geneva, Switzerland. Chanéac’s ‘parasitic sucking cells’ are mobile, evolutionary and a complete contrast to the host building’s architectural style in every sense possible.

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  • A Vertical Campsite For The Homeless


    Homelessness is a growing problem across Europe and finding new and effective ways to combat social exclusion and help the homeless is becoming increasingly difficult. Malka Architecture, France, have found a way to attract much needed attention towards the growing problem of homelessness whilst at the same time providing shelter for those who need it.

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  • Emergency Housing In No More Than 5 Hours

    Emergency housing by Pieter Stoutjesdijk

    Last weekend, the most talented Dutch graduates in the creative sector, aka the HOT100 2013, came together to combine all of their brain power during the HOT100 Days in The Hague under the supervision of The New Institute. We had the chance to meet some of them and we could not help but to notice one particular project by the recent graduate cum laude from Delft University of Technology Pieter Stoutjesdijk who has created a design for emergency housing that can be set up within astonishing 5 hours only.

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    Tiny Pop-Up Modules Change The Way Students Are Housed

    Student housing module by Tengbom

    Swedish architecture firm Tengbom have designed an innovative, sustainable and extremely compact solution for student housing. Next year, 22 wooden pop-up modules will be built at Lund’s university campus in Sweden. The small houses can easily be moved around, which makes the concept flexible and easy to implement on a temporary basis. It gives universities the option to quickly adapt their student housing to number of registered students.

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