• 22 Hotel Rooms Built From Trash In Mannheim

    Hotel Shabby Shabby

    Have you ever traveled to a city and had trouble deciding which hotel to choose? You wanted it to be central, but you also wanted it to be near nature or maybe have a source of water nearby. If you’d have paid a visit to the German town Mannheim this spring, you wouldn’t have to stress about that. Hotel Shabby Shabby was offering 22 temporary rooms spread all around the city, each one on its unique location.

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  • Truck-A-Tecture Showcases Flexible Homes For Urban Nomads

    Aero-Mobile by Office for Mobile Design

    Increasing numbers of people live a nomadic lifestyle. They change jobs more frequently than toothbrushes, they’re not bound to a fixed house, and have organized their life to fit in a quickly changing world. To find a good way to create houses for this new lifestyle is an issue that many designer deal with. In Omaha, Nebraska, the exhibition venue KANEKO sets the stage for Truck-a-Tecture, an exhibit that showcases examples of the efforts to create comfortable and flexible architecture for modern urban nomads.

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