Win A Flaviar Whisky Pack And Make Yourself An Official Pop-Up City Cocktail!

Today marks a special day for us at Pop-Up City. We are proud to announce that we are the first blog to create their very own and unique cocktail: say hello to Pop-Up City!

Pop-Up City is a mixture of our favorite drinks we already enjoy separately, joined together in a cooled glass it will blow away your minds and taste buds. For this cocktail we have combined a Milanese Campari pinch (which conveniently resembles our beautiful logo color) with a popular hipster drink from Germany named Bionade Lychee and, for the finishing, a classical taste of Flaviar’s Scotch Whisky, which we give away to our readers.

Pop-Up City Cocktail

Since we love to share, here is the recipe for you to copy at home/work/night:

1 share of Campari
2 share of Flaviar Scotch Whisky
4 share of Bionade Lychee
1 drizzle of lemon juice
ice cubes
1/4 orange to make it look pretty

As we are already in such a sharing mood we also want to give away a Flaviar Scotch Whisky Tasting Pack which consists of stylish-cool bottles that look like they just escaped a chemistry lab. Once you have gone through the small bottles you can get ready for some more palatal treats: a beautiful (big!) bottle of Flaviar Dalmore Vintage 2000. That, we give away too.

Flaviar Scotch Whisky give-away

Why are we suddenly giving away drinks instead of books? Well, a cultivated mind needs to be stimulated mentally and spirit-ually. At least we like to believe the combination of both keeps us fit. So get your hands on this tasty package worth over £70 (or €80) by liking our partner Flaviar on Facebook and fill in your email address so they can contact you in case you’ve won. Click here to partcipate. Deadline is 30 September. Cheers!